"Our dogs love their walks and we love how tired they are when they get home. Our pets all love the staff at Trails 'n Tails. Jaii has been watching our cat and dogs for so long she is like another member of the
family. "
-Layne, Hailey, Angela, Rob, Kiki and Pickle.

"The people over at Trails 'n Tails are hard working and fun loving. Our dog really freaks out whenever Jaii arrives to take her out.  As soon as she hears the car pull up in the driveway she starts running
around in circles chasing her stubby little tail.  She comes home well exercised, happy, and she stays mellow through the evening."
-The Mayhalls

"We never have to worry about our pets or home anymore when we leave town. It is such a relief to know our furry loved ones are being well-cared for and that our home is being looked in on as well. You will be happy you called Trails 'n Tails!"
-Tim, Kristen, Max and Angel

"I feel so lucky to have found Trails 'n Tails. My puppy was a bit on the rowdy side but she helped so much by working with us and staying consistent with his training. Now he's a very well behaved dog who looks forward to his daily romps."
-Stephen and Rupert

"Some people think we're just plain nutty, but my husband and I have nine birds that we have rescued and taken in over the years. This can make vacationing a challenge. But since we hired Trails 'n Tails it's been no sweat for us to travel. They take excellent care of the birds and all the stray kitties we feed in our backyard. Thanks so much!"
- Loren the Bird Lady